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    OK, first of all I better explain that we run PFSense in-line and as such we don't have access to all the features and it does no routing etc.

    The problem i have is that I would like my PFSense router to do DNS lookup's for servers but most currently have them setup as:

    nameserver in the /etc/resolv.conf

    So I want a that will take any traffic to port 53 or even the IP and re-route it to my local PFsense system for resolving.

    This is a can't add a rule into the NAT as we don't use it (Like the suggestion i the docs) and I also can't use DNS Forward for a number of reasons.

    Any suggestions?


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    Yeah. Configure the servers properly.

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    Interception and redirection of traffic is bad idea all the way around..

    Would you want someone doing that to your traffic.. If your box says its using for dns then is should be freaking using that, if it can not get there that is one thing… But something up the line from me should not take my traffic going to and redirect it anywhere..

    So fix your servers to use the dns you want them to use.

    Why a "server" would of pointed to vs some local dns in the first place is curious question I have... Seem pretty stupid out of the box not to point your devices to your local dns.. If you did not have local dns that would of been the first thing to setup before setting up other boxes ;)

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