DHCP behaving strangely. GUI listing lags behind the log.

  • Not sure whats going on with my SG-2440. When one of my Debian machines gets an IP from the pfSense box, there seems to be a huge lag time between it showing up in the log and it displaying in the 'Status: DHCP leases' page. I see it in the logs first.

    If I create a static reservation and apply it ahead of time, it still grabs from the DHCP pool instead of the static. I then need to delete the static, release the IP and renew in Debian, wait for it to show up in the 'Status: DHCP leases' page, and then I can static it properly from there.

    I am at a loss. I have been using pfSense for years now on an old Dell PowerEdge. Since I got this SG-2440 box, I haven't been able to square away the DHCP issues. Maybe my install is bad? I was hoping 2.2.5 would fix it.

  • Of course hours after I post the question, 2.2.6 got posted. Will flash and report back.

  • Did you resolve this issue?  I'm new to pfsense and I'm running 2.2.6 on a new SG-2440 and my DHCP page takes about 10min to repopulate after an update.  I noticed this because I was assigning my first group of static addresses and after each update the current DHCP list would disappear.

  • I may need to put this into a new thread, but I'm also seeing what looks like an HTML issue when I'm adding static links

    This is the pfsense generated text:

    And, this is the needed text:

    The text "lan" is missing after the "if=".


  • Sorry, been offline for a few weeks.

    If I add a reservation and I don't delete the dynamic one listed in '/status_dhcp_leases.php?all=', my Debian machine still gets the old dynamic number. The lag between the logfile and the list on the 'status_dhcp_leases' seems to be gone.

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