Latency >4500ms

  • I suspect the root cause is with my ISP (Cox Cable), but getting helpful support from them is a nightmare, so I'd appreciate some help making sure nothing is wrong on my end.

    pfSense is consistently reporting WAN gateway latency around 4500ms at all hours of the day.  This is noticeable at the user end in the form of delayed webpage loading and bogging downloads/uploads.

    My cable modem (Arris SB6190) console page is showing large numbers (5000-10000) in the "corrected" and "uncorrected" columns for the downstream channels.  (I assume these are corrected/uncorrected errors).  I also see a lot of messages generated in the logs of the forms "DHCP Renew" & "No Ranging Response received".

    The pfSense logs show a ton of firewall blocks and a lot of DHCP traffic (which is weird, considering I've had to assign fixed IPs to everything in order to get internet access).

  • I know this post is old but did you find a fix for this?

    I am having the same issue now, when I run my pc just on the modem its all good but  when I hook up PF I get low speeds and packet loss.

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