What is a good solution for two separate type of users on same network

  • hi

    i have 150 clients, 40 of them are official use in hospital offices they use the net up to 3:30 pm, the remaining number of suers are in dormitory and they share accounts between them so users name can be online day and night for personal use, hospital management asked me to block some sites for office clients and this site is required by other dormitory clients, any body have a good solution to this problem?

    help really appreciated

    thanks in advance


  • Hmm some sites, it can be the hard ones. Squid and maybe squidguard

  • hi and thanks for reply

    but squid guard and squid will block sites for all users, well i was thinking on putting firewall rules but how to do it for some ip's only?

  • hi

    i checked squid and found that blacklist area where i should put the sites to be blocked, i tried but didn't succeed, i am using transparent proxy by the way, is this correct?


  • Can't say if you did it the right way. But did you save and apply, you might also need to clear states.

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