Dual Wan + Load-balancing + Lan + Sip Phone behind PFSENSE

  • Hello,

    I am trying to setup a SIP Phone to work behind PFSENSE and register on my modems as they act as VoIP servers

    Modem1 ( )                    Modem2 ( )
                            |                                          |
                            |                                          |
                            |                                          |
    pfSense            |                                          |
                            |                                          |
    Wan                                  | 
    Wan2    –---------------------
    Lan    -----------------------
    Sip Phone ----------------------  With 2 different Sip profiles for each modem.  Current Status is that the phone registers but can't make a call.

    Here are my rules:


    VOIP= 5060 and 10000:20000

    Firewall: NAT: Port Forward


    WAN_2 TCP/UDP * * WAN_2 address VOIP VOIP VOIP

    Firewall: Rules Lan

    IPv4 * * * * WAN none

    IPv4 * * * * WAN_2 none

    Firewall: NAT: Outbound

    Manual Outbound NAT rule generation

    WAN tcp/udp/voip * * WAN address    * YES
    WAN_2 tcp/udp/voip * * WAN_2 address * YES

    I guess you guys will find it easy to see what i have done wrong. I would appreciate any help.

    I am also doing Load-balancing/Failover on my Wan interfaces and it seems to work fine i don't know if this makes things harder for sip to work properly.

    Sorry but i have written some of the settings by heart as i remember them as i am not home now and i don't have access to my pfSense. I will amend my post as soon as i get home.

    I can provide you with all the info you need to help in the troubleshooting process


  • Hi

    for outbound NAT leave ports "ANY" not just "VOIP" alias.

    Should work.

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