WLAN -> LAN Bridge + DHCP Server not working

  • Using the final 1.2 release.

    When I bridge WLAN (opt1) with LAN my client don't get an IP from the LAN DHCP server. network
    When I don't bridge and set up a seperate network ( and run a DHCP server on the WLAN interface it does work.

    But I wan't to use a bridge. Any ideas?

  • I have this exact setup working.

    Did you bridge on both interfaces the other interface? (this is wrong)
    Did you create a rule on OPT that allows traffic?
    Did you set an IP for the OPT-interface? (this is wrong too)

  • I did the following:

    On WLAN (OPT1):
    Bridge with: LAN
    Standard: 802.11g
    Mode: Access Point
    SSID: SkyNet2
    Enable WPA: Checked and entered a key

    I added a rules on the WLAN interface, any to any (all *'s).

  • When I managed to figure out what the problem was, and it's not pfsense  8)

    My nokia N810 uses wifi power saving which it set to maximum by default. There is a know issue with connecting to Atheros based wifi cards. Setting the power saving to intermediate solved the problem.

    I also have a Fonera, which has the same Atheros chipset as my wifi card in my pfsense firewall, and it too has the same problems.

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