[ASK] Distribute bandwidth evenly to each client

  • Hi, i want to ask.. i'm very new to PFsense

    1. Is it possible to distribute bandwidth evenly to each client who is online? for example: 1 have 1 mbps internet connection, 2 online client, then the bandwidth is distributed 512 kbps to each client.. At another time, i have 4 clients online, can PFsense adjust the bandwidth automatically so that now each client receive 256 kbps internet connection?

    Thank you

  • In pfSense 1.2 shaper not supported per-user bandwidth. This maybe in 1.3
    But, if you need per-user bandwidth only for WEB(http) - use squid proxy with traffic managment.

  • Well, Is it possible to rate the client's internet connection by priority?

  • You can have rules for each individual IP on your LAN to assign them to queues with 1-7 prio. This isn't clean, nor scalable, but it works (if you have static IPs on LAN).
    You can use this method only for a few IPs that need high prio, or only for a few IPs (or a subnet) that needs to be penalized (ie: default traffic => 3, penalty queue => 1).

  • What about a bit different goal?

    I have a 1MBps channel and 2 clients.
    When only 1 client's computer is turned on (and he wants to use internet),
    he should get all 1MBps .
    When 2 computers are on, each of them sould get 512kBps.

    Is it possible?

  • @Above

    That's the thing i want to ask….

  • I think its possible in new traffic shaper by ermal. Am I right ermal?


  • The solution should exist, maybe not direct solution.
    If these clients connect to pfsense using it's VPN server,
    it is a way to determine, whether they want to use internet -
    are they logged on the VPN or not logged on.
    If I could create a web configuration user with limited rights
    (only to change the speed limit),
    one of these clients could change it.
    Let clients them solve their problems by themselves. :-)

  • pf + ALTQ + borrow ?

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