Getting Started With ConnectX-3

  • I searched around the forum and found some posts related to the ConnectX-2, but not much related to 3.

    After compiling and installing the drivers, the interface comes up, and from clients I can ping external addresses (, etc.) and SSH around to the outside world.

    Unfortunately, the pfsense machine itself can't seem to access any of its own services (DNS, etc.) and IPSec tunnel won't come up.

    Swapping back to my previous config (using a built-in copper port) makes everything ok again.

    I wasn't sure if this belonged in a different area or not, but since I think the core issue relates somehow to my not installing/configuring the drivers/card correctly, I figured I'd start here…

  • Are you running a subnet manager?

  • Call me a turbo newb, but I am not sure what that is, so I'm going to go with "no"?

    It's a fairly simplistic setup.

    ConnectX-3 + 2 Intel 10 gig copper ports + 2 Intel 1 gig copper ports.

    The 1 of the 10 gig copper serve the a LAN, one of the 1 gig copper is the backup WAN, one of the 1 gig coppers is the other LAN (and would be on a 10g if I could make this work right), the other 10g copper is the fiber connection, which is going through an unused switch for the moment.

    The switch is blanked out, so it's not doing anything special other than providing an SFP+ port on the same VLAN as a 10g copper port.

  • 2 things to try.
    Reboot the switch - (this caused me no end of heartache till I worked out the bloody switch didn't pick up my new card)

    Reboot pfsense

  • Upon additional investigation, it looks like the services/firewall have some kind of problem binding to the interface?

    If I tell DNS to use the backup WAN, suddenly I can surf over the ConnectX-3 connection (because DNS lookups are going over the Comcast line), but things like IPSec just won't work with it.

    No idea what's going on, might have to engage support on this one…

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