Queue Length?

  • so i got my traffic shaping working and the first thing i noticed was alot of drops in the traffic shaper queues status page.

    after a few searches of this forum, it appears the default queue lengths are too small for my connection and should be increased.

    i'm using priq and have a 200/20 connection.

    do i just keep increasing the size until the drops are just a few or is there a way to calculate the correct size?

    thanks in advance. you guys are awesome.

  • If you enable Codel on the queue, you shouldn't need to worry about it.

  • Dropped packets are fine.
    The larger the queue, the more delay.

    Like Harvy66 said, just enable CoDel, and most problems are taken care of.

  • I guess I should elaborate. Codel isn't a normal queue. Instead of being length based, it's time based, where it has a goal of being less than 5ms in "length". It has several other features, but in a nutshell, it works very well in most situations and it's just a checkbox to enable it.

    edit: Slightly more info. Queues that are large enough to absorb bursts, which allow your connection to use most of its bandwidth, are queues that are too long and cause bufferbloat. At first it seems like a "can't have your cake and eat it to" issue. Do you want bandwidth or low latency. Codel gives you both by effectively dynamically sizing itself. It also does head-drop instead of tail-drop and instead of hitting it's max and dropping all packets, it drops a packet every period where the period gets shorter as long as the current latency is above the target latency.

  • thanks guys. all i can say is wow. that is super neato.

    some kind of wizardry going on here.  ;D

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