Restart syslogd (SOLVED)

  • Hi all

    So Ive done some digging and I can't for the life of me find how I can manually restart syslog or even where it is.

    Some background: I am using NRPE2 to monitor some things and I am getting unable to read output errors. Switching NRPE to debug isn't outputting to syslog so I wanted have the log perhaps redirect to a new log. I've configured the NRPE.cfg file so that I can point to a new log and I have found /etc/syslog.conf to add the new entry but using the GUI under settings to save simply wipes my changes here.

    Any references I have found suggest syslog should live under /etc/rc.d but an ls of this directory doesn't have it living here?


  • Sigh, found it.
    find / -name syslogd

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