IPSEC VPN tunnel and direct traffic between VPN endpoint

  • Hello,

    I recently setup an IPSec VPN with a friend, both end running Pfsense.
    Getting the tunnel to come up using IKEv2 with matching setting was no problem.

    Note a single Phase 2 definition covering the respective local network(s) range was defined:
      Site A:
      Site B:

    Traffic between host on both side works without issue (when rule is added to allow traffic).
    However traffic between the Pfsense boxes is not working I expected:

    Using  ping ("Diagnostics > Ping") with default source address I am not able to ping the remote Pfsense private IP. When changing the source address to the LAN it does however work.

    Note that both pfsense are connected to multiple network: one WAN and multiple LANs.
    It appear that when doing a ping without specifying the source address, it default to using the WAN.

    This seems like an odd behaviour to me. I searched a bit but did not managed to find much.
    I would appreciate some help or pointer.

    • Is an additional Phase 2 recommended to cover traffic the pfsense gateway themselves
    • Should I add a static route as a workaround ?


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