CARP for VLANs? Gateway issue.

  • I've had CARP setup and running for quite some time now with much success.  One of my UPS units died this past weekend and HA/CARP handled everything beautifully except for my VLANs.  I didn't even realize that VLANs also needed a CARP IP, but it makes sense.

    Fixed it this past week… except for one problem:  The gateway the VLAN devices pick up is NOT the CARP IP, but rather one of the VLAN IPs of the PFsense boxes.

    PFsense01 IP :
    PFsense02 IP :
    CARP IP :

    PFsense01 VLAN IP :
    PFsense02 VLAN IP :
    CARP IP :

    Despite the fact that the VLAN DHCP server gateway and DNS server is clearly set to… the devices on that VLAN still pick up or  Different devices pick up different gateways, and renewing DHCP leases on devices will often cause it to switch to the other gateway.

    I should also note that devices not on the VLAN pick up the shared CARP IP ( just fine.

    Any ideas?

  • Have you entered the CARP IP for gateway in DHCP config?

  • Yup…

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