Installing Pfsense not from CD but from USB stick to flash HDD

  • In past few days I tried to transfer files of Pfsense tu USB stick. (Intel Atom mini itx board has only one ide port on motherboard and I can not put my flash hdd to the cable- cable is female and my flash hdd also+CdRom). So i tried usb stick but i can not get it working.

    Anybody have any ideas how to get it done? How can i configure Pfsense live cd instalation to boot from usb and the install pfsense to Flash hdd?


  • I would try to install it with a normal PC that have two IDE port and then boot the CF into your Atom board. This might work, although I didn't test this myself. pfSense install all the drivers even if you don't have the hardware, the purpose of this is probably to allow you to add hardware to your router without having to reinstall. I prefer to sacrefice some MB to have all drivers onboard than having to reinstall pfSense everytime I have to add a NIC that use a different drive than the ones I had at the initial installation.

    I just read on those Atom board, you should have SATA ports, get a cheap SATA CDROM and problem solved, but make sure the BIOS can detect SATA CDROM, most new BIOS can, but just be sure before ordering a new hardware.


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