2.2.6 Configuration - 1 WAN , 1 LAN ?

  • Here is my setup :

    Router AN5506-04 - PPPOE (dynamic) - Pfsense - switch - LAN

    Here is my status :

    OPT/WAN - up with "You are on the latest version" message
    Ping LAN - OK
    Ping preset DNS - OK
    DNS lookup from pfrsense - OK
    Ping internet  from pfsense - Failed
    LAN ping pfsense - OK
    LAN ping internet - Failed

    Where should i fix?

  • Any reason why you don't use your WAN as WAN?

  • @interkrome:

    have to use VLAN and map it to WAN

    You can assign the current VLAN IF to your WAN at  Interfaces | (assign)
    Saves you from fiddling with routing.

    Which provider BTW?

  • Which provider BTW?

    TM Unifi (Malaysia)

    Great. It works. Assigned as suggested and added Rules as follow:

    Action : Pass
    Interface : WAN
    TCP/IP : IPv4
    Protocol : TCP
    Source : any
    Destination : any

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