Teamspeak3 port forwarding problem

  • Today is day 1 with pfsense. I installed it on a spare pc with a new intel based nic. I decided to start experimenting with pfsense to both improve my security and improve my network skills.

    Installed and seeming running ok; 2.2.6-release amd64, snort, squid3 & pfBlockerNG with adblock lists.

    Here is where I am stuck…

    I can not seem to get the port forwarding to work for teamspeak3 (ts3). When I use to verify everything is working I am getting unexpected results. I have followed the same rules for these ports as I did for plex and minecraft. Both of those seem to be working fine aswell as showing as open on portchecker.

    tcp 30033 = open
    tcp 41144 = closed
    tcp 10011 = open
    udp 9987 = closed (I have also tried tcp/udp and tcp, no change)

    Ports based on this page.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    how about you post your forwards so we can see what you did wrong..  Checking that udp is open on canyouseeme is not possible.

    Your ports page states
    Default voice port (UDP in): 9987

    Why would you try tcp??  How would that work?  It says its the default, did you change it?

    Did you read through the troubleshooting doc?

  • I'm seeing this exact same issue, can't connect to team speak server from external.
    Internal is working fine.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    I have 1:1 Nat from my external IP to my Web Server

    The firewall rules for port 80 to my web Server works ok

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