My own web not visible…

  • So i have WAN - XXX.WANIP and server in LAN with XXX.SERVERIP

    I have port 80 forwarded to XXX.SERVERIP with "Ext. ANY" and outsiders see all websites with domain names ","…
    But nobody in LAN can see them. By using XXX.SERVERIP, we can see them, but that's not nice... we need to run some services with domain names (virtual webservers etc.).

    I tried making the rule on LAN interface (makes no sense).. and we saw our server on all the sites.. wherever we browsed.. no goolge :( ... (something to do with the "Ext. ANY" i assume).

    So how to fix it ?

  • Enable NAT reflection
    System–> advanced

    If you want to access via the name on the WAN.

    Otherwise you can set specific IP's for each domain that will be resolved on the DNS-Forwarder config page.
    Search the forum on this since there are a lot of threads about that.

  • Thanks.. it worked :D

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