IGMP / Multicast in progress for 1.3?

  • I was jsut doing some forum searching and was wondering about IGMP and Multicast support such as forwarding those requests to a server in the private lan.

    Is there any support for this as of now or will there be?  I would like to get our Symantec Ghost Client to communicate through IGMP instead of WINS if at all possible while keeping pfsense as our main firewall.

  • Not possible now, and no plans to do this for 1.3. None of the developers use multicast or have access to a suitable test environment. Might get done if you start a bounty.

  • Hello,

    in 2007 a user already started a bounty for that (http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,4491.0.html). No developer accepted the bounty, maybe it was too low ($100).

    Can you tell me if it is possible with mrouted at all, or do we have to find a developer for porting igmpproxy to FreeBSD?


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