Alix boot problem (again)

  • I just received some Alix2c2 from PCEngines.
    Flashed some CF (126/512 MB) with a fresh 1.2, started it, and voila' the system refused to boot.
    Tried with a good CF with freedos, and it started.
    The bios is an original 0.99. Tried a reflash, but again no boot.
    The serial link shows the RAM check, an then some odd chararcters.
    Tried two boards. The same.
    It looks like a new nightmare.

    Hoping from you!


  • What are your serial console settings?

    per default pfSense uses different settings than the ALIX board itself.
    (38400 and 9600 i think)

  • Speed parameters were all good.
    Tried another CF (the third, 1 GB) and all worked.
    I was really in anxiety…

    Thanks for the quick response and my excuses (I shoud have tried more...)


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