Routing issue between multiple subnets/pfSense- boxes

  • Hi all,

    To connect 3 buildings with own subnet and firewall/ pfSense- routers, we use two beam radio devices.

    Take a look at this schematic drawing:

    Following configuration is done in
    pfSense 1:


    Interface setup for OPT/RF2:

    Static routes:

    Firewall rules for OPT/RF2:

    pfSense 2:


    Interface setup for OPT/RF1 and OPT/RF2:

    Static routes:

    Firewall rules for


    I can connect from to and
    From I can connect to all over subnets.

    But from the and is not reachable! can not connect to and, too!

    What is missing? How can I route traffic between all subnets?

    Kind regards

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