CARP issues after 2.2.6 upgrade

  • Hi.

    I believe I found a bug after upgrading to 2.2.6

    The CARP is not working correctly after the upgrade.

    The pfsense "A" that before the upgrade was the master, now after the upgrade it can't do the role of MASTER anymore.

    The VIP CARP Address is not advertised if the pfsense A is MASTER. To get the things working, I have to enable "CARP Persistent MODE" on pfsense "A", so this way the pfsense "B" became the MASTER and the "A" became the slave. Only this way the VIP CARP Address is advertised.


  • inverted the roles. "A" now is the slave and "B" the master.

    This corrected the problem.

    Any ideas what did this?

  • Nothing in that regard's changed in a long time. It sounds like the CARP multicast traffic isn't making it between the primary and secondary on that interface, but does make it in the opposite direction. If you put system B into CARP persistent maintenance mode, does A take over master status and B go to backup?

  • Not sure if it will help much, but I feel like I had a similar issue that with one of our VIPs and CARP. I was able to resolve the issue by rebooting the backup firewall followed by rebooting the master after the backup is back online. Something with failing over all of the VIPs to both firewalls during the reboots fixed the issue.

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