Quagga - IPV6

  • Hi, I dont now if its the right place to ask but im doing it :)

    I need to build a topology within 2 PCS using Quagga

    Every PC has 3 virtual machines working like a Router. Using OSPF one side PC and BGP the other and IPV6 everything. What would you suggest to do?

    PD: Sorry for my english, I speak spanish.

  • OSPF daemon in Quagga is actually two separate daemons, one for IPv4 and the other for IPv6.
    Quagga package on pfSense does not include any management interface for ospf6d (IPv6), so you would have to configure it by hand.
    Second problem is there are no startup scripts to make ospf6d start up automatically, you would have to modify pfSense startup scripts, etc for this to work.

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