Building from Developers ISO - Snapshot

  • Understanding that obviously building from the developers iso IS unsupported, i've come down this path as i was starting to get more of the watchdog timeouts with the RealTek 8139C+ chipset used in the firebox that I have been using. I moved the device into a production environment and was slowly migrating some systems to behind the device and started to see the watchdog errors again as traffic increased. I found some posts here recommending to use the 1.2 version build on freeBSD release 6.3. Grabbed that image flashed it to the flash card and it would not boot.  I fixed the boot issue using the developers iso and patched the driver file that was causing the issue and it boots! (DEVs, does providing this info help, I manually modified a couple lines in one of the kernel drivers ??? )

    Now because its using the latest and greatest snapshot there is obviously work going on, completely understand this. I'm hoping this serves 2 purposes, helps those working on the next release note what I've seen and I can help fix it if needed AND points me in a direction so I can fix it then rebuild my img get this firebox back online.

    After I add an opt interface (another wired ethernet port) I start getting the errors when using firewall rules. I also noticed there was an alias which was empty that i could not delete. I've attached the rules.debug. It looks like a bad alias is being generated.

    For reference here are the firebox posts from before on the watchdog errors:,8050.0.html


  • I've managed to fix the errors and all is working well now!

    I plan on setting up a test with some different traffic patterns to see if the watchdog errors come back again.

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