Accesing PfSense Installation from "pfSense-LiveCD-2.2.6-RELEASE-amd64.iso" Menu

  • Good Day, i've downloaded and burned pfSense-LiveCD-2.2.6-RELEASE-amd64.iso.gz

    Now i'm following this guide to install PfSense :

    the guide says : "As the operating system boots and pfSense starts, a prompt is presented with some choices and a countdown timer. At this prompt, press i to invoke the installer now."

    The problem is that i cant find the "i" option, could you pleas explain how i can start the installation ?

    EDIT : The list of choices i got in the menu :

    1 - Boot Multi User
    2 - Boot Single User
    3 - Escape to loader prompt
    4 - Reboot
    5 - Kernel
    6 - Configure boot

  • You haven't gone far enough.  Boot the default and then wait for the prompt that asks you if you want to (I)nstall.

  • @KOM, Thanks, what i've done is let PfSense boot automaticly in the first boot menu, then waited a bit for some loadings … then i responded to 2 or three questions about interfaces, then a menu appeared which did not have the "i" option, so i've chosen option 99 which started the installation.

    EDIT : this shall and must be included in the installation guide.

  • @kamyflex:

    EDIT : this shall and must be included in the installation guide.

    What? I'd suggest you try it again and don't look away from the screen. There are two menus, the initial one when you boot single mode, and the later one. The menu comes up and after 10 seconds, it boots into live CD mode. You have to hit 'I' before the timer runs out. It's easy to miss if you are doing something else while the CD boots. If you miss it, just hit 99 and install. Perhaps one shall and must try to replicate a problem several times before insisting on changes to the documentation?

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