Importing config.xml from ALIX 2D13 to RCC VE-2440

  • This is a continuation of my previous post here when I made the decision to replace my ALIX 2D13 pfsense box with an RCC VE-2440.

    I first took the config.xml from the ALIX system and started to replace the interface names from vrX to igbX.  I took extra precaution to not simply replace all vrX instances since some of those exact matches came up as part of different sections.  So it was safer to replace ">vr0" with ">igb0", for example.  VLANs configured for an interface also need to be modified.  So when I foundvr2_vlan666I replaced it```

    One thing I forgot about was the serial console speed.  On the ALIX it was set to 9600, but for the RCC VE-2440 (at least), it should be set to 115200.  So if you find```
    ```in your config.xml, you should replace the number with 115200.
    Missing the serial console section made me wonder if maybe there were some other things I missed simply because I overwrote the config originally on the on RCC with a config that originated from an ALIX.
    I have not replaced the ALIX with the RCC box yet, but if there's anything else I should be checking in the config of the RCC box let me know!

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    The interfaces and the console are the primary concerns, if you fixed those up you're fine.

    Technically the serial console can work at any speed on either device, so long as you know what the speed is and the client is set to match. No reason not to use 115200 in this day and age though, even on the ALIX.

    We have code to detect the RCC-VE devices and force the console on so it doesn't need to be marked as "enabled" in the config.xml

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