DHCP lease problem (DEAD IP)

  • I had facing this problem a few month since after the PF system was setting up few month ago…

    The problem symptom:
    -Client get IP, but cannot communicate to the server(which is my pfsense).
    -Client still can communicate to others Client which those other client doesn't having any network problem, but just cannot communicate to the server.
    -It happened often on some of the client, some client never had this problem.
    -Sometime is happened a period of time in a week.

    -Add static IP on client pc.
    -Restart pfsense.

    My setting

    • DHCP lease time is 7200 second with captive portal 2 hour.
    • Max lease time is 86400 second
    • DHCP range are -

    It just like a IP was DEAD, What's the problem actually, i really wondering and chagrin with this issue, anyone face this problem before? What do you think of this?
    any suggestion?
    thanks lot everyone :P

  • What build of PF Sense are you using?

  • Have you tried just releasing and renewing the DHCP lease on the client?

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