Installation/Configuration Question with IPv6 6RD - any ideas?

  • Hey All-

    I have a 3801 (U-verse) and am attempting to have PF Sense handle the 6RD tunnel in addition to what it performs already  My configuration for the LAN is as follows:

    3801 has my PFSense box in DMZ+ Mode (the PF Sense is getting a Public IP on the WAN Side)

    In PF Sense under Interfaces & WAN:

    IPv4 Configuration Type: DHCP
    IPv6 Configuration Type: 6rd Tunnel

    Towards the bottom of the same screen:

    6RD Prefix:  (not sure what goes in here), I saw posts of 2602:0300::/28 - that doesn't match anything in the 3801 I can find..mine starts with 2602:0306 instead.
    6RD Border Relay:  (found that on a forum search)
    6RD IPv4 Prefix Length:  0 bits

    For DNS, I am not using ATT's DNS, I have PFSense configured to use OpenDNS under System -> General setup.

    I have the "Allow DNS server to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN as unchecked.


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