Potential New User- One question - Reverse Proxy?

  • I've been googling all over the internet, and have had a slightly hard tiem finding whatI've wanted…. So here is the deal breaker!

    Can pfense do reverse proxying? I'm aware that squid can do it by itself, but does pfense have it built right into the GUI and make it nice and simple? I've been using smoothwall for a bit now, but am looking to move on up to bigger and better, and I'm hoping pfense is it!

    Like I said, any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance for any advice and I'm sorry if I missed the answer to my question on the board!

  • No it's not possible.
    Read in the packages-forum, since there are a few threads on this subject.

  • Squid is a terrible reverse proxy, varnish is a better one.  There is some interest in a package for it, but nobody's stepped up to work on one yet.  Perhaps you should consider a bounty project for a varnish package.

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