Redirect Traffic from-to external proxy !

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    firstly i have to explain the situation, on my office i got the internet through explicit proxy (MS TMG 2010) that is mean i should set the proxy in my browser settings and other apps to access the internet (viber hasn't proxy setting) .
    i thinking if i can put pfsense box between the explicit proxy and my network then let pfsense bypassing the proxy like this :

    explicit proxy (tmg2010) ====>Wan box with transparent squid port 3128) Lan ====> My network (clients get the internet transparently from port 3128) .

    or by second scenario using pfsense's firewall and NAT redirection from to pfsense box then to my network .
    in shourt i want let pfsense convert the external explicit proxy to local transparent proxy to get internet without modify my applications settings, is this possible and how ?.

    thank you for help

  • If I understand you correctly (you lost me completely with "viber hasn't proxy setting"), you want to redirectly your web traffic from your LAN via an external proxy server ( without having to amend the proxy settings on the browsers running from your LAN.

    If that's so, your best bet would be to install the Squid package on your firewall and run this as a transparent proxy from your LAN. Just configure Squid to treat the server as it's upstream proxy, and your LAN users will be directed to the TMG without touching any of your browser settings.

  • Dear muswellhillbilly

    Thank you for your help, regarding viber i mean there is no proxy option to configure such as skype for example, so i installed squid3 and configured remote cache with external proxy it is working fine when visit http websites but https websites and viber not working, what I missed ? should i use firewall rule ? help me please

  • You have to configure Squid for SSL:

  • @muswellhillbilly said in Redirect Traffic from-to external proxy !:

    I know this is an old thread. I find it is exactly what I am trying to accomplish. Is there any detail instruction to this? thanks