Possible to get downtime logs from pfSense or RRD graphs? (re: apinger logs?)

  • I've been having problems with my internet connection for about a month now.  I've performed lots of troubleshooting and I can't find anything on my side, but usually during primetime hours (6pm - 11pm) my latency increases from 10ms to 50ms and spikes to 200+ ms for my local cable modem gateway.  It also begins to receive timeouts to ping requests to all sites causing apinger to drop the interface.

    Anyways, I've been clearing out the apinger logs while troubleshooting but I still have my RRD graphs with about 3 years of data.  Can this be exported?  …or can I see when the interface was dropped over a long period of time?

    I need to provide my cable company some logs so they can help troubleshoot the problem.

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