HAVP antivirus 1.10.0 broken?!

  • hello, using pfsense 2.2.6 x64 on a core 2 with 4gb ram

    all the other packages i am using are working, except for HAVP antivirus 1.10.0; same does not seem to want to start. Not using anything that conflicts with it.

    is it broken or does it just turn on only when needed? (see attached)

  • Hi, just thought i'd let you know am facing the issue as well.

    Its about the same.  One small difference*
    HTTP Antivirus Proxy (stopped) Status Stopped.
    Antivirus Server (*Started) Status Stopped.
    It remains this way no matter how much I try to get the status to started.
    If you figure it out let me know.

    Thanks!  ;)

  • HAVP is dead code since 2010, use Squid > Antivirus instead.

    Works flawless here.

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