Help, Site to Site (endian to pfsense)

  • My situation is this (sorry about the diagrams, and rampant language)

    PFSENSE –----> NET <-------- ENDIAN FIREWALL

    I need to set up an vpn between the two, i have tried looking through all of the guides for pfsense and everything but still cant get nowhere, and its really annoying me now!

    I can connect to my endian box from another endian box (at another site) so that means my ipsec tunnel on the endian side is working, but i still cannot connect using pfsense, honestly i have tried evrything.

    Can someone shed me some light pleasse?

  • If you can provide some more actual/related information, it will be helpful for us to understand the scenario and think.

  • Well, i have two sites, both on 8megdown/2megup, and both are static ip's, one site (office1 shall we say) has endian firewall, the other (office2) is using pfsense.

    office1 LAN uses the subnet
    office2 LAN uses

    I want to create a ipsec tunnel between the two (i used to be able to do this easy with both sites using endian).

    I have tried everything, matched up the settings on both firewalls (the esp group keys, encryption etc..) but it still does NOT work. I have manually added firewall rules, that didnt make a difference!

    Please help me lol

  • post the screen shots of pfsense or give the racoon.conf from both sides…. or the IPSEC conf file... check the settings on both sides... are they similar..... As far as my experience, I never had problem with pfsense configuration (maybe, as a End User, I am used to it!!!).... it is the easiest thing in the world for me... (Thanks to all those guys behind pfsense)

  • Did you tried with certs (or with psk)? If, then may be you'll try with psk first to be shure the certs are not the problem …

  • Thanks for your help guys, i gave up on endian to pfsense through ipsec, i put in a linksys vpn router into the office with endian and put untangle onto the endian pc for web filtering etc…

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