Running pfSense on an Intel NUC and its built in eMMC storage

  • Hello,

    I am hoping someone can tell me whether or not pfSense will work on an Intel NUC DE3815TYKHE, particularly whether or not I can install it on the built in 4GB eMMC storage. The device has only a single NIC, but I use VLANs, so that is not an issue. Should I expect any issues trying to install from the USB image?

    The full specifications are here:

    Also, what kind of throughput could I expect on this? It will be for sharing a home internet connection, which is presently 6MB/s, but could potentially be upgraded to 100MB/s in the next few years.

  • eMMC is not the problem.  Netgate boxes use eMMC as well. But I wouldn't install it on a single nic. It's simply against the nature of a firewall.  I recommend watching this video, it is very helpful.

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