Forwarder/Resolver vs External DNS

  • Hi everyone,

    I like to know if I have an external DNS (bind), I need to use the pfsense forwarder/resolver? At first I think not, but I want an opinion from friends.


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Would depend on what your wanting to do exactly..  Is this external bind server authoritative for your local clients domain?  Does your dhcp server enter records there for your clients, do you clients register their names and IP there?

    Do you want all your clients sending every query to this server?  Or would you like pfsense to cache some of those for you?  So if client A looks up, that when client B asks for that you don't have to send traffic to this bind server, etc.

    Without understanding the what your wanting to do, its impossible to tell you if you need dns services on pfsense be it just forwarder (dnsmasq) or resolver (unbound) or not.

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