Help with setting up a seperate subnet of vlan for lab enviroment

  • Hi, can anybody help me with the best approach for the following scenario:-

    I have a std home network with wired and wireless connectivity i also have an esxi host which hosts a vcenter with a vm domain controller in an isolated enviroment

    I would like to keep this traffic spereate from the main network but still be able to access the vcenter via a vsphere client from the home wired/wireless network

    The Setup
    I have a pfsense router (2.2.6) with a WAN, LAN and OPT1 inteface (unused)

    My internet modem comes into the the pfsense (WAN) and then goes out via The (LAN) to a TP link TL-SG108E easy smart switch (which is running as a std open switch)

    TP Link TL-SG108E
    1 internet (pfsense)
    2 lan
    3 access point (wifi)
    4 nas drive
    5 esxi host

    currently in esxi
    there are 2 virtual switches
    i have the physical host (ESX1)recieving an ip from the std network via the physical uplink adaptor (managment) on vswitch 0 this way it can also see the nas drive
    The guests are isolated on vswitch 1 which isnt currently connected to an uplink but has a physical adaptor at is disposal

    i have played with vlan and subnets etc but not very sucesfullly and the only way i've managed to access the vcenter from the home network is by giving the vms guests 2 virtual adaptors connecting them to both vswitches

    I'm confused at to the best way to achieve this.

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