PFsense doesn't remove automatically DHCP Leases Expired in Captiv portal

  • Hi Guys

    We have a pool of DHCP starting to (I changed today 250)

    Once the pool arrives to .200, it does not give anymore DHCP adress whereas there are a lot of IP adress in "Expired" mode.

    Why does the "Expired" adress are not removing…? Do we forget an option?

    I checked the logs, nothing inside. No error in DHCP logs. When I am with my computer on the site, I connect through wifi, I see the network but nothing happens. DHCP does not answer....

    To fix the problem today, we have to :

    • Delete the DHCP leases
    • Restart the DHCP service

    Attached 2 pictures

    Tx so much for your help


  • @TotofoolS:

    Attached 2 pictures

    I hoped that these would give me a clue …..

  • Captive portal has no direct relationship to DHCP leases. DHCP leases are available to be re-issued once the DHCP lease time has expired. Your lease time's too long, and/or your pool size too small.

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