Fans not working

  • Hello,

    I recently installed pfsense on an old pc machine. And i noticed that fans run perfectly fine during boot but turn off when pfsense is running. I am concerned about the heat inside my old pc box. My questions are;

    1. Will this be a huge hardware issue since it will be running 27/7?
    2. How can i turn on the fans while pfsense is running? *BTW fans are set to run normally in the BOIS settings.


  • 1: yes
    2: check your hardware

    wery much doubt that this is a pfs issue, try booting some other os and see if you get the same prb


  • I have seen this as well on older IBM PC.  Not sure the issue yet.

  • Might be a quirk in your motherboard's ACPI. I'd try upgrading the BIOS first if it isn't the latest. If that doesn't change anything, try disabling ACPI in pfSense.

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