• Hello My Friends,
    Do you have any idea if we can do Rest open api in Pfsense , and any idea how?
    i mean which ports we may used ? any extra things we may type in the url?

    Any idea about rest openapi in Pfsense????

    thans for your feed back

  • this is planned for 3.0
    ETA = unknown

  • Thanks a lot , i have already read an article about it :)

    is it clear when the Pfsense 3 will be announced?

  • probably somewhere in the next 10 years or so ;)

    3.0 will be a complete rewrite of ALL the backend code. Its not something you should wait for, it'll be a while.
    2.3 will probably release within 6 months, chances are there will be some point release after that. (2.3.1 , 2.3.2)

    while i've not seen any official statement about this, i expect there to be a 2.4 release prior to 3.0