Multi ISP

  • dear community..

    i'm about to use pfsense H/W to build my system..
    i want to build a multi WAN (each WAN belongs to different ISP, some ISP might use PPPoE for authentication) and multi router to create a redundant system..
    so 1 router will connect to 1 ISP..  and i need the system to be able to access from outside (using VPN) even when failover (master –> backup) event occur..
    is it possible to build this system using pfsense?

    thank you

  • you know that pointing to a wiki is not going to help….

    Anyway to the question

    Maybe your looking at multi WAN? meaning that the WAN has a diferent gateway from each other ex: 181.xx.xx.114/29 with gateway of 181.xx.xx.113 and lets say you have another lSP 201.xx.xx.21/29 with gateway of 201.xx.xx.222 meaning its called multi WAN with fail over

    But if you have one lSP 181.xx.xx.114/29 with gateway of 181.xx.xx.113 but thy give you another ip of 181.xx.xx.117 you need to add a Virtual IP (VIP) then create NAT rules

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