Support with Installation and Network Card Trouble

  • Howdy, so, I'm still new to this pfsense thing and I'm trying to put it on my old computer. I've successfully upgraded an old PC with an additional network card and put pfsense on it. Now, before this, I had tested both the integrated and the newly inserted network card and they were working. However, after installing pfsense, only one of the network cards is recognized. I think I understand the basics of installing pfsense to the computer so I'm pretty sure it wasn't that. But for the specs of my computer, they go : 4 GB of RAM, a 1 TB HDD, and and athlon II X2 255 and a newly installed DIE WU PCI-E Gigabit Network adapter. ANY help at all would be immensely appreciative.

  • Try checking your card against the HCL here:

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