IPSEC and 2.2.6

  • HI, we have had some issues with this new release 2.2.6 mainly only on one box. We have three site to site tunnels running we have had no issues but now seems since we went to 2.2.6 I can't get one tunnel to sync even though it was for about a day then for no reason it will not connect. I tried many different configurations but still won't sync up but yet with the same box two other tunnels work fine? What would cause this? I thought firewall so I checked rules, etc. all good and even redid the rules just in case but still won't go?

    any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.


  • What's in the IPsec logs?

  • I think that I've just stumbled upon the same issue.

    I have a 2.2.5 install locally and remotely I have a 2.2.6 (this was upgraded to 2.2.6 between Christmas and New Year). I came in this morning and couldn't bring the tunnel up, Phase1 was fine but Phase2 never completed. Re-starting IPSEC on both side made no difference and on the 2.2.5 end (local) we had other tunnels working fine. In the end I had to re-boot the remote 2.2.6 to bring the tunnel back up.

    Strange, working again now so I will monitor and see what happens. I'm sorry but due to time restraints I didn't get chance to pull the logs. If this happens again I will make sure that i do this.

  • There are endless different reasons you can have the same symptoms with IPsec. Please start a new thread with your logs and status output if it happens again, as it's almost certainly not the same root cause so that's the best bet for getting help.

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