Moving to a new Internet Line an keeping the old line activ

  • Hey there !

    I have pfsense running on a 2 Mbit E1
    new week we will finally get a 10Mbit Fibre line in place

    my old subnet is

    my new subnet will be

    I only have one Wan interface, but a switch on the wansite.
    Can i have both subnets beeing activ on my wan interface connected via the switch ?
    Can pfsense handle different subnets on the waninterface?

    This is only for incoming traffic, not outgoing

    eg is the this what "Virtual IP" does ?
    If so, what option do i have to enable ?

    I don't care about load balance or failover, it is just because of the domain name change we have to do for the new subnet

  • Either VLAN the forward switch or get another interface in the box. Setup the port forwards to your servers from both WANs, then change the DNS. It should be seamless, as the servers will answer from the public IP on either WAN.

  • Ok that makes sense

    Thank you !!!

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