No internet when creating 1:1 NAT

  • I have two servers on my LAN that I need to map public IP addresses to.  So far, I have followed these steps:

    1. Create a virtual IP for both addresses
    2. Create a 1:1 NAT for each address
    3. Create NAT rules for port forwarding

    My issue is that the servers loose internet connectivity entirely every time I put the 1:1 NAT in place.  If I remove the 1:1 NAT, I regain internet connectivity instantly.  When I add it back, I loose it again.  Everything else on my LAN can still connect, it only affects the server whose IP is in the 1:1 NAT rule.  Any ideas as to what might be causing this?

    I am using Comcast business class as my ISP, and I have the SMC gateway.  I have a block of 5 statics.  The setup works fine on the old Cisco router I am trying to replace with the new pfsense box.


  • Post screens of your NAT rules and WAN firewall rules.  Obscure any public IPs before you post.

  • You need to power cycle your cable modem after changing devices like that. Also make sure your Cisco router has that IP removed before you power cycle the modem.

  • Thanks guys!  I will try again later today and will be sure to reboot my modem this time.  If that doesn't do it, I will post the additional information requested.

  • Rebooting my Comcast modem solved the issue!  Thank you VERY much!  ;D

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