GuestLan Setup Issues - No internet Access

  • pfSense - 2.2.6
    Running in VirtualBox on Debian Host
    supermicro board with Intel C2758
    4 LAN ports

    So, I got my pfSense set up and running nicely. I have it running a VPN client to PIA, and it's working great.

    Except I no longer have guest wifi. So, I did some looking around and found some information to help me get this set up.

    Above is the guide that I based my set up on. I am using a physical port for the guest LAN to run over to a specific port on my wireless AP which will be tied to the VWLAN.

    I've attached screenshots of the initial set up.

    I've even tried connecting my computer directly to that guestLAN but it doesn't help. I can't seem to figure out.

    Any advice, guidance, or help?

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