[SOLVED] soekris + pfsense –> configuration loss after reboot

  • Hi,

    i've installed the pfSense-memstick-serial-2.2.6-RELEASE-i386.img.gz on a 8Go usb stick and i use it on a soekris 6501-70.

    It works fine, but as soon as i reboot the soekris, the configuration is gone, i have to configure all aver again.

    Can someone tell me how to fix it ?


  • I'm not familiar with the memory stick release, but I've used the live CDs. Are you sure this image isn't a live install which is meant to be used for a permanent installation? Check the system at bootup and see if you get a prompt asking whether you want to boot the as a live installation or whether you want to run the installer.

  • Yeah, if you just wrote the memstick image to a usb stick and put it in the 6501, it defaults to running the like the live cd.
    I'd run nano off a usb key or install to an msata.

  • Thanks Guys ! That was it !

    i've installed the nanobsd version and it wortks fine.

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