Clients not getting IP from DHCP on VLAN

  • Hi,

    I do have an AP from Unifi connected direct in PFS.
    the AP must be on a untagged network and it is working fine.
    I create a first VLAN to plug some specific devices and everything is working perfectly fine.
    That means in interface em2 have tagged and untagged traffic.
    I do need to create a second VLAN on the same interface. so i create everything normally, setup the AP properly but…..
    the devices will not get one IP address.

    I read somewhere in the forums that PFSense dont handle tagged/untagged traffic nicely on the same interface, is this really the case (the post was quite old i think).

    I am finding difficult even to troubleshoot it, as there is no connection or IP from the devices, if i plug a laptop on that wireless, I can see (on the AP interface) that he got a crazy IP address, 169.??????? which is not part of any range on my network.

    Any ideas of where should I start to look?



  • I managed to fix it…
    it was a very complicated process called...


    now it is working as intend...

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