Replacing config.xml in the bootable .iso

  • I have been scouring for an answer to this question and I am not sure if this is the correct forum for it however it does relate to installation.

    I have a bootable pfsense .iso file i use to.. well install pfsense. I install pfsense quite regularly and thus am looking to streamline my installation process by changing the default config.xml that is part of the .iso.

    That way I do not have to install pfsense, configure wan/lan ports, wait for it to boot, log in via http on another device and drop my config on.

    I have seen documentation on mounting the slice in freeBSD copying the config, removing the wizard initiator.. which is exactly what i would like to do.

    However I am having issue mounting it in freeBSD and was wondering what other methods I could use to do this.

    Again if this isn't the correct forum please move me, flame me, etc, i apologize.

    I am attempting to do this with the PFSense LiveCD 2.2.6 64-bit .iso

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    "I am having issue mounting it in freeBSD"

    Try PS-BSD, GUI is more intuitive ;-)

    Manipulation of .iso? Dunno, sorry…

  • I will take a look to see if this helps however I think the hardest thing about this are these '0 byte' files in the .iso file structure.

    I have been able to copy the contents of the .iso, by mounting it in other platforms, like under linux or windows. Which i use to create a new .iso using this copied information (since .iso files are read-only) with the config.xml file swapped for mine. The problem is that these 0 byte files do not get copied out and they appear to be necessary to install and run pfsense once the new image has been created.


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    You might have a look at the build process and see what it does to create the ISOs.

  • @Derelict:

    You might have a look at the build process and see what it does to create the ISOs.

    I was thinking that would be last option. Is it appropriate to move this question to the development section?

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