Q in Q across VPN

  • Hi Guys,

    I have attached a diagram to outline what we are trying to achieve (based on a workshop yesterday)

    basically we need a short term solution to pass VLAN's between two data centres to stick with our stretch VLAN model whilst a fibre connection gets provisioned. Both Internet connections will be data centre provided via dedicated IP as per the diagram. I understand this is possible via Q in Q and that Pfsense supports this just want to get feedback on the following;

    1. has anyone got a similar model working before and what experiences have they had?
    2. the setup in the diagram will work. the pfsense will plug into a Force 10 switch which will be setup as a trunk port and vice versa at the other end as per the diagram

    we are under time pressure to get an ad hoc solution in so any feedback would be greatly appreciated

    thanks in advance


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