PXE boot / TFTP between different subnets

  • Hi,

    I have tried to move my TFTP server from my internal network to a DMZ subnet to make it accessible to both internal and DMZ machines. However I have problems getting any file transfers going, both manual and PXE boot. (Internal) (DMZ)

    • Internal has full access to DMZ
    • Connecting with TFTP client to TFTP server ( works from both internal and DMZ
    • File transfer (get <filename>) works from other DMZ servers, but not servers on the internal subnet.

    I have tried enabling the TFTP proxy on both networks, but it does not make a difference. With the proxy enabled I get this in the system.log
    Jan 16 20:53:20 fw tftp-proxy[23279]: -> -> "RRQ pxelinux.0"
    Jan 16 20:53:25 fw tftp-proxy[23393]: -> -> "RRQ pxelinux.0"
    Jan 16 20:53:30 fw tftp-proxy[23394]: -> -> "RRQ pxelinux.0"
    Jan 16 20:53:35 fw tftp-proxy[25346]: -> -> "RRQ pxelinux.0"
    Jan 16 20:53:40 fw tftp-proxy[25359]: -> -> "RRQ pxelinux.0"

    Assistance would be welcome.</filename>

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