Can't boot 'kernel' message when trying to boot from USB .

  • I have installed pfSense on a AMD64-X2 computer without problems, but this time I am testing on an older machine (512MB RAM), and my attempts to boot from MenStick USB version always stop at the beggining , with just a message:

    Can't boot 'kernel' 

    No more error messages, just the usual stuff of "Booting … etc".

    I request some help, please. How can I boot (and thus install) pfSense when this error happens?

    Of course, I can write down any additional info, but isn't it possible to obtain more data of the problem than such a simple error message?

    These are the versions I have tested (created with Rufus):


  • Answering myself: solved booting via LiveCD.
    It should be some problem with the USB booting routines, maybe due to a rather old machine :

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