Issue with ARRIS TM 822 modem connecting to PFSense box

  • I am having issues with using my ARRIS TM822 modem supplied by my ISP to connect to my Dell PowerEdge 860 server running PFSense 2.2.6 64Bit
    When I try to setup ports and try to auto detect the WAN link, it wont detect anything. I have tried different servers, PCIe NICs and they are all on the supported hardware list, but it still wont work.
    I also am not able to connect to it at (displayed default IP), but that could be just because I haven setup the other ports.

    Thanks in advance for any help

  • Is there the latest firmware image on the modem?
    You could try out to connect the modem and your pfSense box to a
    small network GB LAN switch to surround or get rid of this issues.

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